Episode 1 - The Rhinos

Coming in 2019

The Player takes on the role of a local ranger in a protected area. Their mission: protect the environment and help solve local conservation problems. To do so, they will have to learn about the specific characteristics of the region, its fauna and flora as well as the local communities. Building good relationships with local communities and organizations is the key to finding solutions and optimizing the Player’s outcomes. What’s more, the Player will have at their disposal new technologies to investigate crime scenes and prevent poaching. There is no such thing as “bad” or “good” moral choices: the Player will be free to experiment and explore all possibilities and finally face the consequences of their choices. 
Thanks to its interesting and realistic plot developments, BioStories will keep Players interested and captivated. The branching plot gives the game a good replay value for the Players who want to explore all possibilities and find the best outcome possible. The Aichi Targets will be used as achievements for the Players to strive for. The game’s story will be full of real-life references and knowledge to teach Players about the world and the decisions that they make. By showing both good and bad outcomes, the game intends on leaving a lasting impression to Players to hopefully influence their decision making in the long run.



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